Thursday, 31 May 2012

In memory of Clara

My sweet angel Clara Dawn Johnston was born still on May 18,2012 at 10:34 am at 25 weeks of gestation. She was a beautiful baby girl born at 537g at a length of 29 cm. She was a long girl and looked just like her daddy.She is the light of my life and will always be apart of me. My family surrounded us the day she was born and got to meet and hold her. Her dad and I had the opportunity to hold her, baptize her and just spend time with her as a family. I even got to change her into her outfit that I helped choose with my sisters. That was the most special day of my life despite also being the most devastating moment as well. We were so excited to have her, even though short lived - those have been the best days of my life. Every moment, I got to spend with my little baby Clara was so precious. I will never regret telling her how much I loved her everyday and singing lullabys to her or always begging my husband to proxy kiss her for me. The amount of times I went swimming with her, our trip to the zoo, our trip to New York City, the time she kicked for two hours, the times she kicked for daddy ... All of those now have become my most cherished memories. My family poking at her to kick or the times they only recognized her presence and not mine - just reminds me of how precious she was to so many people. Although I'm in the early days of grieving, I don't want to forget all the joy she represented while I had her here with me. She now rests in the garden of angels with all the other infants in the same cemetery as my grandmother. This blog is dedicated to my daughter's memory so that she is never ever forgotten. Mommy loves and misses you with all her heart.

Our beautiful baby girl 
You filled our hearts with love 
For you we'd give the world 
Now you watch us from above 


  1. My two girls are the most important things in the world.