Thursday, 13 February 2014

Clara's Little Sister

Clara's little sister Mikayla graced us with her presence 3 weeks early on December 8, 2013. I am so relieved that she is here safe and sound. Every night before bed, I tell her that mama loves her, dada loves her and her big sister loves her.

M has brought so much joy back into my life and I am grateful. At times, I do find it difficult as I should have had all the same experiences that I'm having with M with Clara. I used to sing hush little baby to Clara often. When I started to sing this lullaby to M, tears flowed steadily from my eyes. I also wonder what her personality would be like. M is taking extra long to get a hang of breastfeeding and I wonder how Clara would have done. Even now, amidst the business of having a new baby, she is on my mind often. I miss her everyday. 

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  1. Congratulations on Mikayla's birth! I'm a reader of your blog and a fellow loss mom and rainbow parent. It is not an easy road. I wish you so much joy with M, and peace and comfort as you continue to grieve Clara. Good luck with the breastfeeding. I've done it twice now and it is not easy but the effort and time at the beginning are worth it later on. Good luck!