Monday, 2 February 2015

In Memory of Clara

M is growing and developing so quickly. It's so amazing to see her transition to this happy, energetic and curious toddler. My whole life is devoted to raising this wonderful little girl. At times of reflection, sometimes I envision what life would be like with Clara and M. Other times, I feel so robbed of the same experiences with M that I should of had with Clara. There's also feelings of guilt, that I could do more for her whether it's visiting her at the garden more often or putting more effort on decorating her space.

My thoughts now are shifted on how to honour her memory. To use some of that effort that should of been expended on raising her towards something positive. I've recently signed up to volunteer at an organization that helps moms who are suffering from pregnancy or infant loss. I know it could be emotionally exhausting endevour but I feel good about using this as a vehicle to honour my daughter. I know in my own personal journey, it was immensely helpful just to know that I wasn't suffering alone in my grief, that someone understood exactly how it felt. I will find other ways to honour Clara but I thought this was a great place to start.

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