Monday, 18 May 2015

3 Years

Today marks 3 years since Clara was born. What would life be like with a 3 year old? I always wonder what she would have been like, who she took after, who she would resemble. This year has been different then the rest. This year, I have a busy toddler on my hands who is so fasinated by the world and has learned so much, developed so much. At times, these milestones and some of the moments I share with little M, make me reflect on the things that I'm missing out on with Clara. She will never be able to hug or kiss me or I will never get to see her get excited over the little things, like seeing a dog. I just miss her especially today.


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  1. Grace's 3rd birthday passed quietly this year. I was way pregnant with her second little sister and too tired to do much more than cry. I too wonder what she would have been like, I suspect much more like her baby little sister than her toddler little sister. They are so loved, and so missed.